Implementation of "Teaching Machines to Read and Comprehend" proposed by Google DeepMind
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Update with more precise installation instructions.

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -3,19 +3,123 @@ DeepMind : Teaching Machines to Read and Comprehend This repository contains an implementation of the two models (the Deep LSTM and the Attentive Reader) described in *Teaching Machines to Read and Comprehend* by Karl Moritz Hermann and al., NIPS, 2015. This repository also contains an implementation of a Deep Bidirectional LSTM. -Models are implemented using [Theano]( and [Blocks]( Datasets are implemented using [Fuel]( +The three models implemented in this repository are: -The corresponding dataset is provided by [DeepMind]( but if the script does not work you can check []( by [Kyunghyun Cho]( +- `deepmind_deep_lstm` reproduces the experimental settings of the DeepMind paper for the LSTM reader +- `deepmind_attentive_reader` reproduces the experimental settings of the DeepMind paper for the Attentive reader +- `deep_bidir_lstm_2x128` implements a two-layer bidirectional LSTM reader + +## Our results + +We trained the three models during 2 to 4 days on a Titan Black GPU. The following results were obtained: + + +<table width="416" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2"> +<tr> +<td valign="top" align="center"> </td> +<td colspan="2" valign="top" align="center">DeepMind </td> +<td colspan="2" valign="top" align="center">Us </td> +</tr> +<tr> +<td valign="top" align="center"> </td> +<td colspan="2" valign="top" align="center">CNN </td> +<td colspan="2" valign="top" align="center">CNN </td> +</tr> +<tr> +<td valign="top" align="center"> </td> +<td valign="top" align="center">Valid </td> +<td valign="top" align="center">Test </td> +<td valign="top" align="center">Valid </td> +<td valign="top" align="center">Test </td> +</tr> +<tr> +<td valign="top" align="center">Attentive Reader </td> +<td valign="top" align="center"><b>61.6</b> </td> +<td valign="top" align="center"><b>63.0</b> </td> +<td valign="top" align="center">59.37 </td> +<td valign="top" align="center">61.07 </td> +</tr> +<tr> +<td valign="top" align="center">Deep Bidir LSTM </td> +<td valign="top" align="center">- </td> +<td valign="top" align="center">- </td> +<td valign="top" align="center"><b>59.76</b> </td> +<td valign="top" align="center"><b>61.62</b> </td> +</tr> +<tr> +<td valign="top" align="center">Deep LSTM Reader</td> +<td valign="top" align="center">55.0</td> +<td valign="top" align="center">57.0</td> +<td valign="top" align="center">46</td> +<td valign="top" align="center">47</td> +</tr> +</table> + +Here is an example of attention weights used by the attentive reader model on an example: + +<img src="" width="816px" height="652px" /> + + +## Requirements + +Software dependencies: + +* [Theano]( GPU computing library library +* [Blocks]( deep learning framework +* [Fuel]( data pipeline for Blocks + +Optional dependencies: + +* Blocks Extras and a Bokeh server for the plot + +We recommend using [Anaconda 2]( and installing them with the following commands (where `pip` refers to the `pip` command from Anaconda): + + pip install git+git:// + pip install git+git:// + pip install git+git:// -r + +Anaconda also includes a Bokeh server, but you still need to install `blocks-extras` if you want to have the plot: + + pip install git+git:// + +The corresponding dataset is provided by [DeepMind]( but if the script does not work (or you are tired of waiting) you can check [this preprocessed version of the dataset]( by [Kyunghyun Cho]( + + +## Running + +Set the environment variable `DATAPATH` to the folder containing the DeepMind QA dataset. The training questions are expected to be in `$DATAPATH/deepmind-qa/cnn/questions/training`. + +Run: + + cp deepmind-qa/* $DATAPATH/deepmind-qa/ + +This will copy our vocabulary list `vocab.txt`, which contains a subset of all the words appearing in the dataset. + +To train a model (see list of models at the beginning of this file), run: + + ./ model_name + +Be careful to set your `THEANO_FLAGS` correctly! For instance you might want to use `THEANO_FLAGS=device=gpu0` if you have a GPU (highly recommended!) + + +## Reference -Reference -========= [Teaching Machines to Read and Comprehend](, by Karl Moritz Hermann, Tomáš Kočiský, Edward Grefenstette, Lasse Espeholt, Will Kay, Mustafa Suleyman and Phil Blunsom, Neural Information Processing Systems, 2015. -Credits -======= +## Credits + [Thomas Mesnard]( [Alex Auvolat]( -[Étienne Simon]( \ No newline at end of file +[Étienne Simon]( + + +## Acknowledgments + +We would like to thank the developers of Theano, Blocks and Fuel at MILA for their excellent work. + +We thank Simon Lacoste-Julien from SIERRA team at INRIA, for providing us access to two Titan Black GPUs. + + diff --git a/deepmind-qa/cnn/stats/training/vocab.txt b/deepmind-qa/cnn/stats/training/vocab.txt @@ -0,0 +1,29406 @@ +yesteryear +pandemonium +talks +idealized +unconstitutionally +increased +finest +grain +motorists +franc +billowed +earn +exclude +purchase +excerpts +personifies +analyzes +capitalizing +stinks +patented +flak +co-op +insurer +partake +fictitious +slaughterhouse +upfront +streamlined +swells +remained +depose +tiled +edible +hot +songwriter +selfish +ahead +limitation +menagerie +kernel +blazed +steals +multi-billion +nears +embed +cooked +envisage +spinning +sedation +pressured +sank +335 +bodied +censorship +vie +hormonal +submits +entered +narco +away +coves +sash +funds +shooter +protester +propeller +attained +fences +strangers +ethnically +sporty +consequent +antennas +cheeses +rebranded +jar +adventures +shalt +862 +contributors +seaboard +implicitly +in +desolation +situation +guerrillas +links +lunges +overpriced +staunchest +furnace +ladders +beads +fared +sported +totem +cavalier +chin +nightclubs +sightings +rehabilitated +objectivity +beets +gangster +marina +foundational +expanse +steaks +grazed +capsized +scientific +shortcomings +compulsive +carrying +quid +intertwined +payoffs +constituencies +2030 +fakes +nailed +overwhelms +handpicked +determination +hellish +flocked +earmarks +ethic +junk +entrapment +overlook +ladder +decapitate +elongated +transitional +publicity +hotlines +boldly +ranger +estimated +authorizes +mussels +96th +convicting +ceremonies +contributor +mid-june +dump +jobless +redistricting +anecdote +tapas +highbrow +coasting +reactionary +moniker +scarves +nutrient +flowing +burqa +sore +area +instructed +2,600 +subtext +reward +rings +expiring +scripts +oiling +scares +dimly +habitual +nonfiction +thrash +drought +prefer +objections +48,000 +infuse +unravels +omissions +turbo +healthcare +crypts +anti-islamic +snap +nazis +kindly +provocation +unhinged +diver +24.5 +unaware +vaudeville +blames +foothills +animal +involved +smear +outsourced +dab +salvation +incidence +token +866 +hastily +plumes +tour +programmers +erred +outnumbered +countless +partiers +word +slow +hardliner +questionnaires +fitting +adorable +energizing +customary +wonderfully +giants +collar +fatty +counting +solidly +vents +emirates +thoroughfare +tight +kiosk +supervision +strengthen +enjoyment +unflappable +rapped +sailors +276 +fluidity +uniformly +house +freaked +penitentiary +re-enactment +alpine +proper +progressed +afflicting +cowed +pens +israelis +whiteout +boosts +hitherto +teething +exclusively +narrower +spoiled +awkward +denote +kill +adverse +situations +profitability +tap +netball +ribbons +thumb +rated +385 +heels +rhythm +dragged +scars +victimize +286 +chipping +encephalitis +knocks +medalist +screamed +relegated +polarizing +blinked +parse +mount +bulls +canoeing +schooled +disgrace +amnesty +mustered +burial +anemia +midwives +penal +promotional +2,900 +skeletal +creative +currencies +sponsorships +wrapping +indicate +cry +mold +booing +imploding +washes +licking +professes +clout +recreates +pernicious +rookies +familiar +ref +fittingly +conducts +exchanging +retaking +strategies +embankment +atomic +plea +advertising +intercept +demented +meteoric +unleashing +shunned +entangled +partying +suggesting +commandment +bandmate +ribs +farewell +lecturer +cobblestones +embers +feeling +involuntarily +overtake +900,000 +witchcraft +does +nodding +leakers +reds +megawatts +redistribution +brandy +chagrin +glacier +vegetarian +twisters +messenger +wrap +breakneck +recognized +47 +reputable +transpired +muscle +tarps +irreversible +hangover +twitter +nosed +authenticity +contented +fun +tributes +mummies +anti-immigration +hops +epinephrine +bundled +84th +intercom +rhymes +windowless +neighbours +tides +acetaminophen +converging +awhile +cheapest +ballerina +ponytail +pore +fax +1939 +miscarriages +during +marinated +misery +irony +forwarding +westerners +1943 +earmarked +easier +embedded +rhythms +interfering +seeing +mood +naked +pointed +rush +flashpoint +heartland +quixotic +glitz +perfectionist +door +conceal +lighthearted +geopolitical +devolved +r&b +nastiness +mopping +execute +uninjured +blockage +backup +destroyer +crushed +marriages +parent +psychological +salts +charts +freshest +onetime +aid +520 +weighty +51 +pushing +strident +abduct +cramping +convey +adults +dialog +scream +hostess +" +precursors +defecting +760 +volumes +restored +abbreviated +loosened +louis +advice +bigot +retaliatory +wetlands +ultraconservative +recipients +pointer +ups +instituted +drawers +enshrined +fermented +tended +tremors +prosaic +spotty +underworld +consulting +attaches +preeminent +geothermal +dispersal +criminally +taxi +tenant +faults +courtesy +boulevards +reciprocity +specialties +cleanse +damper +spades +canes +showrunner +frequencies +tend +tissues +standoff +hairy +outliers +bereft +downtime +talkers +rosy +pasta +firearms +hilarity +camels +those +shaken +captor +colorful +critiques +skim +yeast +barrage +448 +eliminate +usability +4chan +clans +implements +auspices +grace +preventing +vacate +duopoly +vultures +tarnish +blowing +centerpiece +avant +western +sorties +reiterating +tome +narrowest +singers 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+revitalize +airliner +realm +democratization +incitement +addictions +crowned +vociferous +regrettably +'s +traverse +siege +moguls +jumpers +porn +misleading +burglars +epics +rotation +tau +devising +obscured +yelled +faze +anarchists +63 +coyotes +convicts +workers +studded +fauna +producing +painter +lite +component +soak +beehive +vice +scoreboard +4.8 +accuracy +despair +humpback +mending +weeknights +brave +maintaining +blindness +treasures +cautionary +hamstring +precaution +players +nestled +rehydration +heats +overt +holdout +pondered +renewables +jan. +rulings +wee +bedrooms +motorbike +sale +challenge +playoffs +curfew +ingest +nom +tapered +um +requirements +unites +raged +jokingly +lucid +juggling +bowlers +puddle +antagonizing +soothing +problematic +inflaming +enlighten +sen. +unseen +shrugged +heightens +aspects +mobility +ticker +snaps +” +ridiculous +diseased +vanilla +wrists +politely +lowdown +7.8 +sacrosanct +professing +dumplings +328 +waiters +weekly +dawn 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+racers +firmly +ordinance +gastronomy +phishing +conscription +unkempt +implausible +voiceover +leaning +pundit +tier +hydrogen +aggravating +trees +nullify +standalone +co-creator +blighted +phrase +wigs +fiduciary +101 +publicizing +albatross +rubbers +anti-anxiety +architectural +pioneering +mornings +existential +reaction +pillars +disapproves +bridesmaid +maternal +sorcery +battled +rarely +combo +examiners +endeavors +uglier +dominate +sensibility +chord +phrases +marginalizing +frustrating +belligerent +triumphs +nab +biting +herring +compass +subconscious +belongs +primate +wonderful +deceit +floral +hymn +non-member +indoctrinated +alterations +favorites +commotion +multicolored +stills +preclude +moribund +slings +schadenfreude +knows +installed +untouched +lentils +downed +availability +seldom +islands +weaponry +hey +plagiarized +obviously +campus +seas +tidal +inescapable +fairer +portal +storage +sunset +resistance +oratory +remove +superiors +optimist +hectic +unanimity 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