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2015-08-26 03:41Add point distribution parameter to Vlist constructorÉtienne Simon1+2-1
2015-08-26 03:39Add point distribution visualizationÉtienne Simon3+39-8
2015-08-07 16:02Fix readmeAlex Auvolat1+5-5
2015-08-06 18:32Update README.mdAlexandre de Brébisson1+2-5
2015-08-04 16:16Update prepare.shAlex Auvolat1+2-2
2015-08-04 16:15Update README.mdAlex Auvolat1+2-2
2015-07-29 16:06p-value caluculation scriptAlex Auvolat3+89-1
2015-07-28 22:00Memory networksAlex Auvolat3+113-1
2015-07-28 19:49Memory net mlp 4Alex Auvolat1+57-0
2015-07-28 13:48Memory net changesAlex Auvolat2+5-4
2015-07-28 13:20Memory net 3 candidate sizeAlex Auvolat1+5-5
2015-07-27 19:27Memory network configurationsAlex Auvolat3+65-10
2015-07-27 19:02Bidir RNN with windowAlex Auvolat5+305-2
2015-07-27 17:58forgotten importAlex Auvolat1+1-0
2015-07-27 17:46alexandre mlp no tgtclsÉtienne Simon1+35-0
2015-07-27 17:45memory net mlp 2 momentumÉtienne Simon1+54-0
2015-07-27 17:41Add bigger memory networksÉtienne Simon2+107-0
2015-07-27 17:07Add bidirectional with recurrent ReLuÉtienne Simon2+38-1
2015-07-27 16:59Config filesAlex Auvolat5+54-7
2015-07-25 21:31Add batch sortingAlex Auvolat3+26-17
2015-07-25 20:21Fix import in bidirÉtienne Simon1+2-0
2015-07-25 20:21Add memory_net_bidir_momAlex Auvolat2+60-2
2015-07-25 18:38Good learning rate for bidir_tgtcls_1_momAlex Auvolat1+3-1
2015-07-25 18:38Add monitor_freq config variableAlex Auvolat1+10-5
2015-07-25 18:19Change batch size for smaller GPUAlex Auvolat1+2-2
2015-07-25 18:19Add bidirectional_tgtcls_1_momentumAlex Auvolat1+36-0
2015-07-24 21:47Add bidirectional_tgtcls_2Alex Auvolat1+33-0
2015-07-24 20:26Change batch size for bidir_tgtcls_1Alex Auvolat1+1-1
2015-07-24 20:15Use SegregatedBidirectional for bidirectional memory networkÉtienne Simon1+17-10
2015-07-24 20:10Remove old memory network config filesÉtienne Simon3+0-156
2015-07-24 20:09Fix memory networkÉtienne Simon5+124-50
2015-07-24 15:59Add --progres option for ProgressBarAlex Auvolat2+7-4
2015-07-24 15:30RNN & Bidir RNN refactoring (& fixes, maybe)Alex Auvolat7+157-183
2015-07-24 14:40Fix test only when valid improveÉtienne Simon1+2-0
2015-07-24 14:27Memory net refactoringAlex Auvolat3+107-145
2015-07-24 02:15Fix RNN Stream without tvtÉtienne Simon1+2-0
2015-07-24 01:20Use new tvt dataset with option --tvtÉtienne Simon38+80-83
2015-07-24 01:19Run test only when validation score improveÉtienne Simon1+15-6
2015-07-23 23:24Remove useless call_origin and bug fix in tvtÉtienne Simon1+13-5
2015-07-23 23:00Memory network with bidirectionnal RNNAlex Auvolat5+493-135
2015-07-23 22:34Fix tvt hdf5Étienne Simon1+12-0
2015-07-23 21:52Lunch validation every 10000 batches (instead of 1000)Étienne Simon1+4-4
2015-07-23 21:48Add Train/Valid/Test setÉtienne Simon3+206-0
2015-07-23 21:47use iteritems in init_validÉtienne Simon1+1-1
2015-07-23 19:13Fix bidirectionalÉtienne Simon1+2-1
2015-07-23 16:59Remove add_destination callsÉtienne Simon2+0-3
2015-07-23 16:43Fix rnn validationÉtienne Simon1+1-1
2015-07-23 14:15Zero padding for test output filesAlex Auvolat1+3-3
2015-07-23 14:13Can do test with batches of size >1Alex Auvolat2+8-7
2015-07-23 14:07Fix RNN prediction functionAlex Auvolat1+2-2
2015-07-22 01:08Add bidirectionalÉtienne Simon5+272-0
2015-07-21 22:26Genericize RNNsÉtienne Simon8+207-39
2015-07-20 21:40Merge branch 'master' of Auvolat3+16-15
2015-07-20 21:40Large validation setAlex Auvolat2+14-0
2015-07-14 19:43Add memory network config files (not sure how usefull they are)Alex Auvolat2+114-0
2015-07-14 16:59Update transformersAlex Auvolat1+9-0
2015-07-14 14:48reoupsÉtienne Simon1+1-1
2015-07-14 14:47oupsÉtienne Simon1+2-3
2015-07-14 14:31Fix filesystems removing execution bitÉtienne Simon1+5-5
2015-07-14 14:17Fix for BSDsÉtienne Simon1+4-3
2015-07-14 14:01fix for macÉtienne Simon1+26-8
2015-07-14 13:43Update short_report.pdfAlex Auvolat1+0-0
2015-07-14 13:35s/python/python2/ at a few places for compatibilityAlex Auvolat5+5-5
2015-07-14 13:19Merge branch 'master' of Auvolat8+161-2
2015-07-14 13:18Insert figures into tmAlex Auvolat2+9-6
2015-07-11 23:17Add the model diagramsAdeB3+0-0
2015-07-11 23:00Fix a few typos in the report.AdeB1+35-31
2015-07-10 23:21Merge branch 'master' of Auvolat4+33-15
2015-07-10 23:20Add documentationAlex Auvolat4+418-1
2015-07-06 14:40Add batch shuffle preprocessing stepAlex Auvolat2+48-1
2015-07-06 14:40Blocks compatibilityAlex Auvolat2+14-10
2015-07-02 19:00Add small modelsAlex Auvolat3+79-2
2015-07-02 18:32More determinismAlex Auvolat3+17-7
2015-07-02 17:23Add random seed for TaxiGenerateSplits and for fuelAlex Auvolat2+17-9
2015-07-02 16:59Remove _simpleÉtienne Simon40+694-694
2015-07-02 16:49Make the testing into an extension run at each validationAlex Auvolat4+108-114
2015-07-02 15:38New seed for all the computationsAdeB1+2-0
2015-07-02 15:30Step rule & dropout params cleanupAlex Auvolat2+11-3
2015-07-02 15:15Unify parameters for joint_simple_tgtcls_111_cswdtx_bigger{,_dropout}Alex Auvolat5+20-14
2015-06-24 19:28Load model parameters only when specified in the configAdeB2+3-1
2015-06-24 19:12New configs. training step rule out of train.pyAdeB4+62-16
2015-06-22 18:40Update memory networkÉtienne Simon3+7-5
2015-06-21 21:26Forgot a transpose in memory networkÉtienne Simon1+1-1
2015-06-21 21:22Alexandre tu fais chier set la variable TAXI_PATHÉtienne Simon1+0-1
2015-06-21 21:22Fix candidate_encoder dim_inputÉtienne Simon1+1-1
2015-06-21 21:01Add bugged memory networksÉtienne Simon2+217-0
2015-06-21 21:00Model with only embeddings.AdeB5+160-1
2015-06-21 20:36Correct Plot importAdeB1+1-1
2015-06-21 19:45Fix hdf5 generationAlex Auvolat2+4-1
2015-06-21 18:44Import cPickleAdeB1+1-0
2015-06-21 18:33Updates for Blocks compatibilityAlex Auvolat2+44-34
2015-06-12 06:45Fix RNN validationÉtienne Simon2+31-8
2015-06-11 20:28Add basic RNNÉtienne Simon2+209-0
2015-06-11 20:26Use Mapping instead of extending TransformerÉtienne Simon2+93-52
2015-06-11 19:26Merge branch 'master' of Auvolat17+0-34
2015-06-11 19:26Add TaxiRemoveTestOnlyClients ; custom dumpmanager enabling multiprocessingAlex Auvolat4+43-4
2015-05-22 20:16Fix typoAlex Auvolat1+1-1
2015-05-22 20:06Fix validation cost computation to not use dropout/noise regularizationAlex Auvolat1+2-4
2015-05-22 19:51Add parametrizability for how the training data is presentedAlex Auvolat18+29-5
2015-05-22 19:51Add ElementwiseRemoveNotFinite step rule.Alex Auvolat1+35-2
2015-05-22 19:50Delete useless file apply_model.pyAlex Auvolat1+0-43
2015-05-22 15:24Fix model/time_simple_mlp.Étienne Simon1+5-3
2015-05-22 15:23Fix embeddings sizes.Étienne Simon8+16-16
2015-05-22 14:00Make indexing faster by indexing only one column and querying a rangeAlex Auvolat4+11-6
2015-05-21 21:05Merge branch 'master' of Auvolat17+0-17
2015-05-21 21:05Implement cut-based iteration scheme (SLOW!!!)Alex Auvolat3+84-2
2015-05-21 15:01Fix new models.Alex Auvolat3+12-9
2015-05-21 14:53Merge branch 'alex' into newAlex Auvolat4+171-0
2015-05-18 23:13Round time output when writing csv.Étienne Simon1+1-1
2015-05-18 22:57Use os.path.join and close filesÉtienne Simon10+29-14
2015-05-18 20:22Refactor models, clean the code and separate training from testing.Étienne Simon25+475-469
2015-05-17 18:56Use signed integer.Étienne Simon2+15-15
2015-05-13 20:29Add support for dropout in joint modelAlex Auvolat1+15-0
2015-05-13 20:26Add NaN protectionAlex Auvolat1+18-10
2015-05-12 00:00Add visualizer.Étienne Simon10+1557-0
2015-05-11 21:20Add method to TaxiDataset to easily extract a dictionaryÉtienne Simon1+5-0
2015-05-08 21:35Add model with hidden layers specific to time/dest prediction.Alex Auvolat1+55-0
2015-05-08 20:17Add scaling factor between two costs in joint modelAlex Auvolat2+9-2
2015-05-08 18:59Add model for a network that predicts both time and destination.Alex Auvolat3+165-17
2015-05-08 17:59Fusion AddFirstK and AddLastK transformers, and add 'input_time' field.Alex Auvolat3+11-24
2015-05-07 17:16Add target class based model for time prediction (seems to work)Alex Auvolat3+111-3
2015-05-06 15:56Add Bokeh plottingAlex Auvolat1+2-0
2015-05-06 15:54Fix floatX!=float32 in hdf5 creationÉtienne Simon4+9-12
2015-05-06 14:12Move weights init to config files ; fix s/time/travel_timeAlex Auvolat15+86-99
2015-05-06 03:03Adapt Alexandre's model to the new interfaceÉtienne Simon2+9-7
2015-05-06 02:15Merge branch 'master' of
2015-05-06 02:15New hyperparameters. Training error is monitored.AdeB3+108-2
2015-05-05 18:15Add models for time predictioAdd models for time predictionAlex Auvolat26+491-371
2015-05-05 17:11Add day type and taxi idAlex Auvolat5+75-9
2015-05-05 17:10Remove enums from hdf5Étienne Simon1+9-13
2015-05-05 15:36Add date/time transformer and new model that uses itAlex Auvolat7+95-94
2015-05-05 14:56Refactor architecture so that embedding sizes can be easily changed.Alex Auvolat10+158-115
2015-05-05 13:30New config (added a hidden layer), small changes to train.pyAlex Auvolat2+27-2
2015-05-04 21:27Fix itAlex Auvolat2+1-5
2015-05-04 21:13Add model with predefined target classesAlex Auvolat4+104-3
2015-05-04 20:58Restructure model & configAlex Auvolat6+227-213
2015-05-04 20:43Mew data analysis tool: clustering of arrival points.Alex Auvolat4+40-13
2015-05-04 19:33Fix hdf5 converterÉtienne Simon1+31-21
2015-05-04 17:20FixesAlex Auvolat3+10-10
2015-05-04 17:15Merge branch 'master' of Auvolat2+13-6
2015-05-04 17:15Add make_valid_cutAlex Auvolat1+40-0
2015-05-04 17:15Add TaxiGenerateSplitsAlex Auvolat3+73-16
2015-04-29 23:41FixAlex Auvolat3+7-6
2015-04-29 23:16Fix CSV id normalizationAlex Auvolat2+24-11
2015-04-29 23:09Fix CSV import (partially)Alex Auvolat3+43-34
2015-04-29 22:36Performance improvementAlex Auvolat1+2-1
2015-04-29 22:23Fix dumping and loadingAlex Auvolat3+52-25
2015-04-29 20:59Fixes.Alex Auvolat2+21-8
2015-04-29 20:01Debug.Alex Auvolat3+24-13
2015-04-29 19:40Adapt model to hdf5 dataset. WIPÉtienne Simon5+108-100
2015-04-29 19:14Add script for generation of map of destination points only.Alex Auvolat2+35-0
2015-04-29 15:17Fix hdf5 polyline conversionÉtienne Simon1+3-3
2015-04-29 04:02Add data converter to hdf5Étienne Simon1+118-0
2015-04-28 20:41Support polylines with <5 pointsAlex Auvolat4+38-18
2015-04-28 19:57Add function for applying modelAlex Auvolat5+98-17
2015-04-27 23:17Add normalizationAlex Auvolat2+21-7
2015-04-27 22:27A reasonnable neural network, only it doesn't work.Alex Auvolat1+19-9
2015-04-27 21:27Add validation set ; fix lat/lonAlex Auvolat5+62-7
2015-04-27 20:38Make TaxiData more flexible.Alex Auvolat1+21-13
2015-04-27 17:08Implement HDist, transformer that selects k at a random position.Alex Auvolat4+54-16
2015-04-25 15:12Increase resolution of the map.AdeB1+3-3
2015-04-25 14:24forgot to replace PREFIX.AdeB1+1-1
2015-04-25 14:09Data analysis updated for the new Dataset class. Coordinates are saved in a light numpy array for fast/light retrieval.AdeB4+86-29
2015-04-25 14:06Correct a few typos.AdeB1+12-7
2015-04-24 21:32It kind of works (at least it does something now)Alex Auvolat3+25-14
2015-04-24 20:48Connect model with data streamAlex Auvolat2+24-15
2015-04-24 20:42Fix typo in transformersÉtienne Simon1+1-1
2015-04-24 20:38Add basic transformersÉtienne Simon1+25-0
2015-04-24 20:37Make TaxiData accept multiple filesÉtienne Simon1+37-11
2015-04-24 19:12Add simple unfinished blocks modelAlex Auvolat5+116-4
2015-04-24 17:46Merge branch 'master' of Auvolat1+100-0
2015-04-24 17:45Add histogram producing script.Alex Auvolat3+33-0
2015-04-24 17:25Initial commitAlexandre de Brébisson1+57-0