Étienne Simon

Research topics

Deep Learning for Unsupervised Relation Extraction
My PhD thesis, on which I worked very (too?) hard to make it more than a simple aggregation of papers.
On the use of datasets’ topology to identify relational information
Pre-print corresponding to the second half of my thesis.
Fine-tuning and Sampling Strategies for Multimodal Role Labeling of Entities under Class Imbalance
CONSTRAINT 2022 paper on a thesis-unrelated topic because I wanted to colaborate with other people during my PhD candidacy.
Unsupervised Information Extraction: Regularizing Discriminative Approaches with Relation Distribution Losses
ACL 2019 long paper corresponding to the first half of my thesis.
Neural Machine Translation with Memory Network Based Attention
My end of master's degree internship. The goal was to use a memory network decoder in an NMT system.
Kaggle: Taxi Destination Prediction
First place in a competition for the 2015 ECML PKDD conference. The goal was to predict the destination of a taxi given a prefix of its trajectory.