Étienne Simon

About me

I'm a PhD candidate in machine learning at LIP6, Sorbonne University (Paris). I mostly work on natural language processing and information extraction using deep learning (résumé).

I organize some reading groups with other members of the MLIA team, we completed Bishop's Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning and we'll start Wainwright's High-Dimensional Statistics "soon".

Before starting my PhD I did an internship at Facebook AI Research in Paris for my end of master internship, working on Neural Machine Translation with Memory Networks.

I released an open-source implementation of Deep Mind's Hermann et al. paper Teaching Machines to Read and Comprehend with Alex Auvolat and Thomas Mesnard.

During a 1 year stay in Montréal, I've won a Kaggle competition on taxi destination prediction as part of team 🚕 with Alex Auvolat and Alexandre de Brébisson.


My email address: Étienne Simon <esimon@esimon.eu>.

My JID (XMPP): ejls@ejls.fr.

My PGP key: 5DB3C2FBD6A31CA7.asc.